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Vitality Extracts sells oils, diffusers, and accessories like bracelets with "no membership fees, downlines, or high pressure sales."

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Vitality Extracts offers a variety of essential oils, essential oil blends and accessories for cheaper than some other competing brands, but in slightly reduced sizes. A good amount of online reviews revealed that consumers are happy with these oils, but we dug a little deeper under the surface.

In this review article, we answer questions for you such as are these oils pure? And are there any red flags that may lead us to believe that these products aren’t the highest quality that they could be? Read on to learn more…

Leaving Us with Question Marks….Vital Information Left Off Site

As previously mentioned, Vitality Extracts offers single essential oils and essential oil blends along with roll-on oils, diffusers and jewelry diffusers. Along with the usual products, they also carry a few unique items such as glass diffuser bracelets and small car diffusers that allow you to diffuse unique scents throughout your car.

For the purpose of this review, we analyzed Vitality Extracts’ Lavender Oil. In order to keep all of the reviews on our site fair, we chose this scent for each brand because lavender is an extremely popular essential oil.

Here is what we found for the Vitality Extracts Lavender Oil:

Name of Product: Lavender Oil

Latin name of product (exact genus and species): Not disclosed

Country of Origin: Not disclosed

Part of Plant Processed: Not disclosed

Type of Extraction: Not disclosed

Lab test performed to assure the oil’s quality: GC/MS

Based on the information above, it’s clear that Vitality Extracts is not being transparent about a lot of necessary details concerning their oils on their website (we don’t see it on their oil bottles either).

In order to display and prove the authenticity of their essential oils, it’s standard practice for essential oil companies to list the above information on each oil product page and label, however, this is not the case for Vitality Extracts products and the information is also not readily available anywhere on their website.

They do show a certification “stamp” on each product page that their oils have been tested through the method of GC/MS to ensure purity, however there are also other factors that determine the overall quality and therapeutic properties of each oil including the origin, part of the plant used and type of extraction method. Typically, the Latin name of the oil is also given to show further authenticity.

The fact that these critical details are left out of the equation may be a red flag that they aren’t the best quality oils available.

Oils Found to be Pure – But Debunking Claim of “Therapeutic Grade”

We send each oil that we review out for thorough lab testing and examine the results. The test that is performed to decide product quality is called the Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS) analysis, which identifies compounds within each oil and allows for quantitative analysis.

We matched the results of the test done on Vitality Extracts’ Lavender Oil with the International Organization for Standardization’s (ISO’s) product standards for essential oils. The ISO develops and publishes international standards to ensure that products and services hold up to their stated purpose and are able to perform as described.

The results of Vitality Extracts’ Lavender Oil using the GC-MS analysis was: PURE (matches with ISO 3515:2002). No adulterants, contaminants or diluents detected.

However, we would like to address the fact that the company makes the claim of “therapeutic grade” on their product labels and website – which is a made up standard with no regulating body.

In reality, “therapeutic grade” is an invented term that some essential oil company’s use to label themselves by, however, there is no real certification to quantify this claim, and it’s not looked over by any governing party. Therefore, there is no way to know what “therapeutic grade” really is and if a company meets that standard.

That being said, we did find Vitality Extracts’ Lavender Oil to be pure based on our testing and that means that it will have some beneficial, therapeutic properties of pure essential oils, but it is not “therapeutic grade.”

But Why Do The Single Oil Labels Say “Essential Oil Blend”?!

We also thought it was worth nothing our observation that the front of the Vitality Extracts single oil bottles say “essential oil blend”. If it’s just a single oil in the bottle, like lavender for instance, than what is in this “blend”?

We called customer service to help us uncover the answer and we were told that even though the bottles say “blend” there is still ONLY one type of oil in the bottle, and nothing else. Basically, they are calling it a blend, but it’s not a blend.

It seemed a little strange in our opinions that there would be nothing else in the oils yet it is being called a blend, but again, our testing did say the oil was pure. However, it leads us to believe that there may still be other ingredients mixed into each bottle with the essential oil that isn’t being as readily revealed.

Easy to Purchase and Average Customer Support

First off, this company is not a multi-level marketing company (MLM), and that’s a great thing. Some of the top essential oil brands are MLMs, and though there are some benefits to this approach for sellers, for the average consumer, having to go through a middleman to buy can often mean more of a hassle than not. Also, the quality of the essential oils may suffer under the MLM umbrella.

Since Vitality Extracts is not an MLM, the purchase process is pretty seamless. You can choose to create an account, or you can do a one-time purchase by filling out the necessary information needed (address, shipping, payment) and it only takes a few minutes to complete.

As for talking with customer service, the process of getting some help wasn’t as easy as with some other essential oil companies, but we eventually did get the answers we wanted.

There is no online chat option available or email address, so your only option is to call on the phone number listed. When we called, we were put on hold for about 10-15 minutes, and then when we were helped it took about another 10 minutes for the customer service rep to find and then deliver the answer.

However, all in all, this approach is still easier then if this were an MLM company, in our opinions.

Lower Price for Smaller Bottles and No Money Back Returns

At first glance, it seems that Vitality Extracts’ oils come in at a very good price, well below a lot of the other big name brands. But at closer glance it’s apparent that you are paying for a 10ml size bottle (travel size) versus the normal 15ml size bottles that many other companies offer.

Therefore, take that into consideration when viewing the price comparison chart below. ArtNaturals is another company that offers their cheaply priced oils in the 10ml size bottles.

In terms of a return policy, Vitality Extracts has one that is pretty strict, not allowing for the purchaser to get their money back for any reason. Their website says that you can return items within 14 days from delivery for store credit ONLY. And this includes any broken items you may receive!

So, even if an item comes to you in bad shape, you still can’t get your money back. Also, any items purchased through a promotion of some sort will be credited (store credit) at the value purchased.

Vitality Extracts Conclusion

To sum up our review of Vitality Extracts oils, we did find their Lavender Essential Oil to be pure, however, we also found some other information that led us to question the transparency and authenticity of this brand.

Their single oils say “essential oil blend” on the front of the bottles, even though there is apparently nothing except that one oil in each bottle. And they are missing almost all of the vital information on their website and labels including product origin, the part of plant used, and the extraction process for each oil.

However, online reviews of Vitality Extracts oils were mostly good, with people citing that they used them for all different purposes including in their diffusers and for hair and skin care, and were all satisfied. Only a few reviews we found were negative, saying that the oil did not have a strong smell, once again leading us to question whether there is more than one ingredient in each bottle, and if they are the highest quality oils they could be.

All in all, we think this might be a good option if you want essential oils at fairly good prices but aren’t as overly concerned about purchasing the best quality oils out there. Before you make a final decision, be sure to check out the other oil reviews on our website to compare. Also, make sure to check out our blog and Facebook community for more information on essential oils and how to get the most out of them in your daily life.

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1Price per bottle retrieved from https://www.vitalityextracts.com/collections/single-oils/products/lavender-v. Accessed 8/15/17. Purity, Origin Disclosure, and Ease of Purchase ratings determined from independent research.