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Beachwood offers pure plant extracts, unaltered and tested for their purity and therapeutic properties.

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Beachwood Essentials Summary

Beachwood Essentials is currently the hottest company to enter the essential oils market, with pure, completely unadulterated oils that countless user reviews show are greatly enhancing people’s lives. Even Hollywood stars are taking notice of this reputable essential oils company. Which is why they have earned our #1 spot as our top recommendation to purchase essential oils in 2017.

We did our research on this company, compiled user reviews, and, most importantly, had their oils lab-tested, finding impressive results. We were also ecstatic that this brand is not another multi-level marketing company – making them stand out. Read on to learn why we believe you should consider this top essential oil brand as your trusted resource for pure essential oils.  

Complete Transparency in Product Details

Beachwood Essentials offers a well-balanced variety of unique essential oils, which are described in depth on each product page on their website. They also offer carrier oils that deeply nourish skin and impressive accessories, including oil diffusers, diffuser necklaces, lava bracelets and more.

They sell their pure essential oils individually and in bundles, and they also have proprietary essential oil blends such as their energizing and relaxation blends.

For the purpose of this review, we analyzed their Bulgarian Lavender Oil. In order to keep all of the reviews on our site fair, we chose this scent for each brand because lavender is an extremely popular essential oil.

Here is what we found for the Beachwood Essentials lavender oil:

Name of Product: Bulgarian Lavender Oil

Latin name of product (exact genus and species): Lavandula angustifolia

Country of Origin: Bulgaria

Part of Plant Processed: Flowering stalks

Type of Extraction: Steam distillation

Lab test performed to assure the oil’s quality: GC/MS

The fact that all of the above information is presented clearly and efficiently on the company website shows that they are completely transparent in their oil details – the number one sign you want to look for in an essential oil company that you can trust.

These details are important because they show you exactly where the oil came from, how it was extracted, and the part of the plant used – details that many companies don’t share, most likely because their oils are not pure or they are trying to hide something in their manufacturing processes. In order to have oils that truly make a difference to your health and well-being, you want to make sure the above details are clearly visible for every essential oil you purchase.

Lab Testing Reveals Completely Pure, Unadulterated Oils

As mentioned, we sent each oil out for thorough testing and examined the results. The test that was performed to decide product quality is called the Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS) analysis, which identifies compounds within each oil and allows for quantitative analysis.

We matched the results of the test done on Beachwood’s lavender oil with the International Organization for Standardization’s (ISO’s) product standards for essential oils. The ISO develops and publishes international standards to ensure that products and services hold up to their stated purpose and are able to perform as described.

The results of Beachwood Essentials Bulgarian Lavender Oil using the GC-MS analysis were: PURE (matches with ISO 3515:2002). No adulterants, contaminants or diluents detected.

Here are the numbers showing you exactly how the Beachwood lavender results match up to the ISO standards:

Conclusion: Based on the GC-MS test performed and the correlation between the test results and ISO Standard, we can conclude that the oil is pure since there were no adulterants detected and the primary compound elements presence is within the normal frames.

In addition, Beachwood packages their oils in dark amber bottles which is the gold standard for essential oils since the dark glass protects each oils’ unique properties from deteriorating sunlight and keeps them performing their best for longer periods.As you can see from how closely the results of the Beachwood Bulgarian Lavender Oil matches the ISO standards above, it’s clear that this oil is completely pure and you can trust this company to provide you with oils of the highest quality.

Why Is It Crucial for an Essential Oil to be Pure and Unadulterated?

If an essential oil is not completely pure, it means that it has been adulterated with other things such as alcohol or preservatives, and that it is not 100% oil essence.

Why does this matter? First off, truly pure essential oils are extremely therapeutic and highly beneficial. They can positively impact your mind, body and spirit in countless ways and also have hundreds of practical uses for daily life.

However, the oils you choose will not be effective and will not benefit your wellness if they aren’t pure oils. Adding anything else into each essential oil bottle will obviously reduce and dilute its effective properties, and you won’t see results.

In addition, if an oil is adulterated with another substance, you have no idea if that substance will cause you harm or bring forth a negative side effect or reaction of any sort.

Truly pure essential oils can be enjoyed in many ways, including by putting them on your body with a carrier oil and inhaling them with a diffuser. Think about it… would you want to inhale or put a substance on your body that might not be safe and may cause a negative reaction? I don’t think so!

This is another major reason that Beachwood Essentials currently holds our number one essential oil brand spot for 2017 – since their oils were found to be completely pure and therefore therapeutic and effective.

Easy Breezy Purchase (No Multi-Level Marketing) and Great Customer Support

We purchased Beachwood Essential oils in order to see how smooth the process would be and were very impressed by both the ease of purchase and customer support that was readily available.

In the way of customer support, there is a live chat option on the site that is very convenient since it is a quick and easy way to get an answer when you need it. The company also provides a phone and email option, and were readily available. We found the customer service team to be thoroughly knowledgeable, friendly and efficient. We had all of our questions answered and felt comfortable moving forward with our purchase.

You can purchase your products through a customer service representative over the phone or right from the website. Unlike some essential oil companies, Beachwood Essentials is NOT a multi-leveling marketing (MLM) company – a HUGE relief!

Why are we relieved that Beachwood is not an MLM?

At least two of the major essential oil brands in the market right now are MLMs, which means that you have to go through someone else, a “seller”, in order to get your essential oils. You may experience pressure to buy, and also pressure to become a seller of oils yourself. You can’t buy the oils that you want at a whim – you have to buy what is available to you through your seller, or find a seller that has the oils you want.

But really, the number one aspect that we question with this pyramid sales model is the focus of the company. With an MLM, the number one goal becomes finding sellers and making sales, not about having the most pure and beneficial essential oils. Which is why we believe that you are better off purchasing your oils from a non-MLM company.

Great Price and 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

All of the Beachwood Essentials oils come in at a great price, being even lower than the competition for completely pure oils. In the chart below, look at how some Beachwood oils compare to two other brands. Clearly, Beachwood provides a value for their pure, unadulterated oils.

*In the chart below, the first amount listed is the Autoship price for when you put your oil on a monthly subscription service. The second amount is the price for a one time purchase of that oil.

In addition, Beachwood Essentials offers customers a 30-day money back guarantee return policy, which is amazing. It means they truly stand behind their product and you can use the oils for up to 30 days, deciding if they are right for you. If you don’t like them, you can return them for a full refund, which is very rare in this field.

Beachwood Essentials Conclusion

The evidence is clear: Beachwood Essentials oils are proven to be completely pure and unadulterated, therefore incredibly beneficial. In addition, the company is completely transparent with product details, offers a great value for every item, and they aren’t an MLM – meaning that purchases will always be smooth and easy and the highest quality products will always be guaranteed.

Along with providing life-enhancing products, Beachwood also offers a blog on their website which contains tons of helpful information on how to get the most out of your essential oils. They also offer a Beachwood Essentials Facebook Community to connect Beachwood followers and provide even more guidance about using oils to increase health and vitality.

Countless user reviews that we combed through sung the praises of Beachwood Essentials oils – saying that their daily lives were transformed by the products and they wouldn’t want to be without them! From the essential oils to the carrier oils to the diffusers and aromatherapy jewelry, they found so many unique ways to use the products so that they could always benefit from their effects.

After laying out all of the data, we believe it’s clear why Beachwood Essentials is our number one essential oil brand this year. Visit their website to try all of their pure essential oils and other transformative products, visit their blog and join their unique Facebook Community today.

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1Price per bottle retrieved from https://www.beachwoodessentials.com/collections/essential-oils/products/bulgarian-lavender-oil. Accessed 7/1/17. Purity, Origin Disclosure, and Ease of Purchase ratings determined from independent research.