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ArtNaturals is popular on Amazon because the oils are cheap, but we found the sample we tested to be adulterated with several synthetic agents.

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ArtNaturals Summary

ArtNaturals is a discount essential oils company that sells their oils very cheaply – but are they pure essential oils that would be beneficial to you? Read on to learn more about this particular brand and what we found when we did our research on this company…

Transparent About Product Details Except No Tests Are Listed

ArtNaturals offers a variety of different essential oils and carrier oils, along with oil accessories such as diffusers and other products in categories including hair, skin, bath and body, and men.

For the purpose of this review, we analyzed their Lavender Oil. In order to keep all of the reviews on our site fair, we chose this scent for each brand because lavender is an extremely popular essential oil.

Here is what we found for the ArtNaturals Lavender Oil:

Name of Product: ArtNaturals Lavender Oil (Virgin, Natural, Unrefined)

Latin name of product (exact genus and species): Lavendula angustifolia

Country of Origin: Bulgaria

Part of Plant Processed: Flowers

Type of Extraction: Steam Distilled

Lab tests performed to assure the oil’s quality: Not specified

Based on the information above, ArtNaturals does a good job making known some important details about their essential oils – except for one crucial aspect: which tests are used to ensure product purity and quality?

We like that they are transparent about the other info, but the bottom line is that ArtNaturals claims their oils are pure and states “virgin, natural, unrefined” right on the bottles. Is this true? According to our lab testing, the answer is unfortunately NO…

Impure Essential Oils Found to Be Adulterated with Synthetics

We send each oil that we review out for thorough lab testing and examine the results. The test that was performed to decide product quality is called the Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS) analysis, which identifies compounds within each oil and allows for quantitative analysis.

We matched the results of the test done on ArtNatural’s lavender oil with the International Organization for Standardization’s (ISO’s) product standards for essential oils. The ISO develops and publishes international standards to ensure that products and services hold up to their stated purpose and are able to perform as described.

The results of ArtNaturals Lavender Oil using the GC-MS analysis was: NOT PURE (doesn`t match with ISO 3515:2002).The sample was adulterated with several synthetic fragrance agents and synthetic linalool (from dihydrolinalool), as well as diluted with diethyl phthalate.

Here are the numbers showing you exactly how the ArtNaturals lavender results match up to the ISO standards:

Unfortunately, what this reveals about ArtNaturals oils is that they are not what they say they are. The company even goes so far as to say that their oils are pure and “therapeutic-grade” (which is a made up and unregulated standard of quality). But the truth is that these oils are going to provide very little if any therapeutic benefits with all of the additives…

Why Is It Crucial for an Essential Oil to be Pure and Unadulterated?

If an essential oil is not completely pure, it means that it has been adulterated with other things such as alcohol or preservatives, and that it is not 100% oil essence.

Why does this matter? First off, truly pure essential oils are extremely therapeutic and highly beneficial. They can positively impact your mind, body and spirit in countless ways and also have hundreds of practical uses for daily life.

However, the oils you choose will not be effective and will not benefit your wellness if they aren’t pure oils. Adding anything else into each essential oil bottle will obviously reduce and dilute its effective properties, and you won’t see results.

In addition, if an oil is adulterated with another substance – which according to our testing the ArtNaturals oils are – you have no idea if that substance will cause you harm or bring forth a negative side effect or reaction of any sort.

Truly pure essential oils can be enjoyed in many ways, including by putting them on your body with a carrier oil and inhaling them with a diffuser. Think about it… would you want to inhale or put a substance on your body that might not be safe and may cause a negative reaction? I don’t think so!

Despite the negatives of this brand, however, and the fact that their Lavender Oil was not pure, there are a few more things that this company does get right…

Easy to Purchase and Good Customer Support

Since ArtNaturals is not a multi-level marketing (MLM) company, purchasing these oils is easy to do from both their website or from Amazon. In addition, they have a lot of customer service options so that you can get help when you need it, such as by live chat, email or phone number. The company also has a blog and Facebook Community where people can get additional support and learn more about essential oils.

Low Price and Good Return Policy

One of the trademarks of ArtNaturals is that they are able to sell their oils very cheaply (although our product testing revealed that in this case you get what you pay for).

Their prices range from $13 – $21 for a 4 oz. (118 mL) bottle of essential oil. Or, they have travel sizes which are 0.3 fl. oz. (10 mL) for $4 each.

ArtNaturals also has a great return policy with a 90-day money-back assurance. Basically you can return any products that you purchase in the last 90 days for a refund, and the company will give you a prepaid shipping label via email. The only items you can’t return are those marked as final sale or those that were free gifts or promotional items with retail value.

ArtNaturals Conclusion

In conclusion, ArtNaturals may offer a cheap way to purchase essential oils with a great return policy so that you can try them risk-free, but our lab testing of their Lavender Oil found it to be impure and containing synthetic substances.

For this reason of the oils being impure, we cannot recommend them for purchase (since it means that they will most likely not provide any therapeutic value and may cause negative side effects).

That being said, we did find many positive reviews online from people that love ArtNaturals oils, despite our findings. If you are interested in purchasing products from ArtNaturals, we recommend that you first read the other essential oil brand reviews on this site and compare them. Also, check out our blog and Facebook community for more information on essential oils and how to get the most out of them in your daily life.

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