At Essential Oil Reviews, we use the following metrics to rate each essential oil company featured on our site: Purity, Origin Disclosure, Ease of Purchase and Price Per Bottle. For each of these metrics, we have a different rating scale based on what we consider to be the most important metric and the least important metric.

For instance, we consider Purity to be the most important metric, because if an oil is not pure then it most likely won’t offer any therapeutic or beneficial properties and may even be unsafe for use. We consider Price Per Bottle to be the least important metric since prices are often relative, with some people thinking that higher priced items are better since they may be higher quality and some preferring cheaper items.

Here is the scale that we use for each metric:

Purity: If an oil is found to be pure through our GC-MS lab test than the brand receives a 10; If the oil is found to be impure, the brand receives a 0.

Origin Disclosure: If a company discloses all of the crucial details about their oils such as the origins and which lab tests were performed they get an 8; If they don’t disclose this information they get a 4.

Ease of Purchase: If it is easy to purchase from an essential oil company they get a 6; If purchases are a hassle or time-consuming they get a 2.

Price Per Bottle: This is a rolling scale where the brand with the lowest price gets a 4 and the brand with the highest price gets a 1.

We rate each brand featured on our site using the metrics listed above. We then calculate the average of all the metrics to reach the final rating of each essential oil brand.